Developing custom solutions one spoonful of code at a time

Crafting tailored digital experiences for your success.

Crafting Digital Success with Precision

Discover our tailored solutions designed to elevate your online business, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences.

  • 🛠️ Custom Theme Development

    Expertly coding custom Shopify themes to bring your brand to life, ensuring performance and a seamless, engaging experience for your customers.

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  • 📖 Custom App Development

    Specializing in custom Shopify applications that enhance functionality and automate tasks, ensuring smooth integration and superior user experience.

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  • ⚡ Site Performance

    Optimizing websites for fast load times and smooth performance using the latest techniques, ensuring a better user experience and improved site metrics.

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  • ✅ ADA Auditing & Development

    Thoroughly auditing your website to meet accessibility standards, ensuring an inclusive, user-friendly experience for all visitors.

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Simmer up success with our Shopify Applications

CodeSoup Shopify applications offer seamless solutions for enhancing and optimizing your store.

  • Ordeful

    Transform your checkout experience with Orderful! Let customers select their preferred delivery date, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. Focus on growth while we handle seamless order logistics.

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  • ShopCritical

    Optimize your online store with ShopCritical! Instantly identify and resolve site speed, accessibility, and error issues. Enhance user experience and drive sales with seamless site performance and integration with Asana and Jira.

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  • Instafy

    Supercharge your storefront with Instafy! Showcase your Instagram feed in stunning carousels or collages, link products, and boost sales. Engage customers with a visually captivating shopping experience.

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