Orderful FAQ

How do I install the app?
  • Cart Page: To install the widget on your cart page, click the "Activate" button in the "Activate the Cart Widget" section on the home screen. This will redirect you to your production theme in the theme customizer, where the app will be enabled.
  • Slide-out Cart: To install in the slide-out cart, copy the code snippet from the "Activate the Cart Drawer Widget" section and insert it into your slide-out cart's code. Since themes vary, contact support@thecodesoup.com for personalized assistance.

How do I create a schedule?

  • Scheduling is global by default. You can set the maximum number of orders per day, specify open days, and set daily operating hours. For more tailored needs, use the customer calendar to create unique events that override the global settings.
  • Global Schedule: 
  • Custom Schedule:

How can I add a lead time to a product?

  • Lead times are managed via product tags. In the settings page, create a tag with the required fulfillment hours and apply this tag to any of your products.

How do I pull in shipping rates?

  • To incorporate custom shipping schedules, activate the relevant shipping options in the Orderful settings page. This allows customers to select their preferred shipping method based on your Shopify store’s shipping settings. Include the typical shipping duration for each order.

How do I add a cutoff time?

  • Cutoff times determine the latest possible order placement each day. Set these times either daily using the custom calendar or apply them universally through the global calendar.

How do I set up for local pick up?

  • Enable local pickup by adding allowed zip codes in the Orderful settings page. This lets customers choose pickup locations based on their proximity to the designated zip codes.